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During the big wave of economic revolution in China, our camera tripods with Hongmei brand were came into being and quickly sold out to all of the main cities in China, and became more and more popular among the professionals and amateurs. In 1990s, the company developed a new brand —Jinli— for surveying and construction tripod series. We have gained a world-wide reputation for innovation and quality. Many famous international companies in the world have chosen our company as their long-term supplier.

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Detailed description

Max length 300/515mm
Min length 180/250mm
Stretch range 65/100mm
Size of head(outer) 50mm
Connect screw 5/8inch
Weight 0.2/0.37kgs

Technical parameters:

1. Laser source: 10mW semiconductor laser tube

2. Wavelength: 635nm

3. Laser rating: class II

4. Accuracy: ± 1mm/7m

5. Automatic Anping range: ±4°

6. Anping time: less than 5s

7. The angle of the exiting light: ≥180°

8. Scope of application: 15m

9. Power: 4 sections of 5th battery

10. Continuous working time: about 15 hours

11. Instrument size: 125X87X100mm

12. Instrument weight: 0.43kg

13. Environmental characteristics: working temperature -5 & deg; - + + 45 & deg;

14. Center thread: 1/4”

Features and features

1. Output two horizontal laser lines to form 360 & deg in horizontal position;

2. Quick leveling, over-range sound prompts

3. Low voltage prompt, power indicator flashing prompt

4. Small size, light weight and easy to carry

5. With indoor and outdoor functions for a wider range of applications

6. The 1/4” connector that comes with the instrument can be directly connected to the tripod



The company has obtained ISO-9002-94 international quality system certification;

Continuously passed ISO9001-2000 and ISO9001-2008 quality certification;

We always listen to and collect customers' suggestions and feedback, and constantly innovate and improve.

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