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MWM-3/MWM-1/MWM-2(Multifunctional wall mount)

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MWM-3/MWM-1/MWM-2(Multifunctional wall mount)

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MWM-3 Multi-functional wall mount for Laser Tools
Features Horizontal clamp/vertical clamp/tilt adjustment/height adjustment
Device connection 1/4"or 5/8"thread
Tripod connection 5/8"thread
Weight capacity 0-55mm
Height adjustment range 0-40mm
Tilt adjustment ±90°


MWM-3 Multi-functional wall mount for Laser Tools MWM-1/MWM-2


Strong&Stable structure with strong magnetic parts.

Both 1/4" and 5/8" Screws make lasers to be easily mounted to different platforms.

Easy to use and make your work simple in different sites and conditions.

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