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EL-30 Rotating Laser

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EL-30 Rotating Laser

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• Self-leveling with wire hung and magnetic damping compensator, collimator optical system design;

• Visible or invisible rotating laser beam, horizontal scanning;

• Automatically shut off laser beam if out of leveling range, with unleveled waringing lamp

and battery power warning lamp;

• With indoor/outdoor switch function, laser detector working with outdoor operation;

• Built-in locking system to lock the compensator when in transportation to avoid vibration;

• Sealed structure for using in various weather conditions.



• Self leveling range: ±10'

• Accuracy: ±1mm at 10m

• Working range with detector: 0.5m - 150m (radius)

• Rotating speed: 300rpm

• Power supply: 4x1.5v C cell batteries

• Operating time: 10 hours for continuous operation

• Wave length: visible 635nm laser diode

• Laser safety Class: Class 2M

• Weight: 2.5kgs




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