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Technical specifications:

1. Laser source: 10mW semiconductor laser tube

2. Wavelength: 635 & plusmn; 5mn

3. Line width: ± 2mm/5m

4. Laser rating: class 2M

5. Horizontal accuracy: ± 1mm/5m

6. Vertical accuracy: ± 1mm/5m

7. Upper point accuracy: ± 3mm/10m

8. Lower point accuracy: ± 1mm/2m

9. Automatic Anping range: ±4°

10. Anping time: less than 4s

11. The angle of the exiting light: 130 & deg;

12. Scope: 15m

13. Power: 4 5th batteries

14. Continuous working hours: about 15 hours

15. Instrument size: about 115 & times; 75 & times; 105mm

16. Instrument weight: 0.49 kg

17. Environmental characteristics: working temperature -10°---+45°

18. Center thread: 1/4"

Features and features

1. Output a horizontal laser line, a vertical laser line over the zenith, and two upper and lower laser points that form a line with each other

2. Fast leveling, over-range laser flashing prompts and audible alarms

3. Low voltage prompt, power indicator flashing prompt and audible alarm

4. Magnetic wall mounts are more convenient for your use

5. Center locking structure to ensure your transportation safety

6. With indoor and outdoor functions, making the application wider.

7. The instrument's own 1/4" connector can be used directly with the tripod and camera tripod

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