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Product description

Technical parameters:

1. Laser source: 10mW semiconductor laser tube

2. Wavelength: 635nm

3. Laser rating: class II

4. Accuracy: ± 1mm/7m

5. Automatic Anping range: ±4°

6. Anping time: less than 5s

7. The angle of the exiting light: ≥180°

8. Scope of application: 15m

9. Power: 4 sections of 5th battery

10. Continuous working time: about 15 hours

11. Instrument size: 125X87X100mm

12. Instrument weight: 0.43kg

13. Environmental characteristics: working temperature -5 & deg; - + + 45 & deg;

14. Center thread: 1/4”

Features and features

1. Output two horizontal laser lines to form 360 & deg in horizontal position;

2. Quick leveling, over-range sound prompts

3. Low voltage prompt, power indicator flashing prompt

4. Small size, light weight and easy to carry

5. With indoor and outdoor functions for a wider range of applications

6. The 1/4” connector that comes with the instrument can be directly connected to the tripod

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