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Exhibition time: February 26-28, 2019 ( 8th )

Exhibition location: Exhibition in Cologne,


Tool accessories: manual power tools, machine tools, pneumatic tools, air compressors, high pressure cleaners, welding equipment, workshop equipment, store and storage room equipment, ladders, protective equipment, accessories, etc.

Lock security: decorative hardware, decorative metal utensils, handles, door locks, security equipment, alarm security, etc. Home improvement: chemical products, paints and tools, glue, wallpaper, building materials, ceramics, ceramic tiles, sealing materials, exterior wall decoration , decorative accessories, interior accessories, wooden products, folding furniture, doors and windows, stairs, bathroom equipment, kitchen supplies, electrical and electronic installation materials, lighting, DIY tools, electric devices, wire mesh products, fasteners, wrought iron products, Auto parts, two-wheeler parts, etc.

Outdoor gardening: garden furniture (garden tables and chairs, cushions, recliners, awnings, parasols, hammocks, furniture care products); gardening tools (tools and equipment, vehicles, watering cans, garden supplies, weeding equipment, flower cultivation, etc.); Greenhouses and equipment, garden construction materials, water supplies (beach tables and chairs, tents, travel bags, toys, etc.); sports and leisure, equestrian sports, fishing supplies; garden decorations (outdoor potted plants, decorations; lighting, ponds, rockeries) , slate, benches, ground accessories, pipelines, swings, rings and other outdoor entertainment, fitness facilities, slides, seesaws, etc.; pet supplies food, etc.

BBQ camping: barbecue equipment (cooker, kitchen utensils, outdoor lights, travel refrigerators, etc.), barbecue accessories, tents and camping products, etc.    

Sports and leisure: sports, beach, entertainment and competition products; fitness equipment; sports, competitions, gym facilities; toys (indoor and outdoor); leisure products; ball sports, darts, skates, scooters, etc.    

Household appliances: kitchen supplies, baking utensils, barbecue appliances, refrigerators, refrigeration appliances, cleaning appliances, health equipment, bathroom appliances, laundry appliances, etc.   

Household items: glass ceramic products, table lamps, lamps, gifts, handicrafts, etc.

Exhibition introduction:  

dddd Since 2004, the Cologne Hardware Tools Exhibition IHF has been held in 2 years. Since 2005, a platform aimed at creating a new import and export trade between the Pacific Rim and Europe and North America - Asia Pacific Sourcing Fair APS has been held alternately with IHF every single year and is only open to trade visitors.    

The 2017 APS exhibition area is 24,000 m2, exhibitors from 644 countries in 14 countries, 99% of suppliers from outside Germany. The trade visitors to the conference came from 65 countries in Europe and the United States, reaching 7,300 people. Including: large DIY chain giants from overseas (such as Carrefour, Migros, Leroy Merlin); local buyers such as OBl, Hornbach, Toom Baumarkt from Germany; all major supermarket chains in Germany (eg Aldi, Metro). Overseas visitors mainly come from Europe and North America, including: Dutch, English, Italian, Italian, Spanish, French, Austrian, Swiss, American, Canadian and so on. 85% of trade visitors have independent purchasing decision-making power or participate in purchasing decisions, and the wholesale and import-export trades account for the largest proportion (36%). Buyers are mainly interested in tools (64%), construction and DIY products (39.5%), gardening equipment and household items (35.3%).      

2019APS will open the 1st and 2nd floors of Hall 11, and will be held concurrently with the International Retail Product Promotion and Import Trade Show (IAW). APS exhibitors will add more than 8,900 professional buyers from IAW.